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East West Medical Institute

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2. Tai Chi/Qigong
3. Internal Med
4. Gynecology
5. Psychology
6. Pharmacy
7. Acupuncture
Research Program
1. Cancer
3. Psycology
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East West Medical Institute Incorporation (EWMI) offers a variety of  teaching, research and practice programs in Integrative Medicine in high-demand health care fields, as well as related medical supplies. With hands-on, real-world experiences, We will prepare you for a rewarding career in  the intergrative health care today –and into the future! We have qualified faculties who have studied and practiced East West medicine in China and USA. Our programs focus on clinical research of integrative TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Western medicine. Our purpose is to enhance the integrative medical practitioners' knowledge and quality. M.D., Acupuncturists, TCM doctors, Psychologists and all other integrative medical health care practitioners, are encouraged to participate. 

EWMI includes East West Medical Institute, East West Medical Center and East West Medical Supplies Center. Please find related information in the left navigation bar.



美国中西医学研究院包括四个组成部分:美国中西医学研究院,美国中西医学中心(Medical Center),美国中西医药器材中心(Medical Supplies), 美国中西医学报社(Medical Newsletter)。相关信息敬请点击左侧搜寻目录。中文讲座请见左边第6条。


Dr. Zhongping Hou, Ph.D., President of EWMI


Dr. Hou and his students

EWMI Main Office:
805 Forest St.
Denver, CO 80220
Tel:  1.303.320.5593

Fax: 1.720.941.6634